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Letter to Vertisan Coin Customers

From James Vertisan, Creator
Effective January 1, 2023

I am writing to provide you with an update about the status of Vertisan Coin and to inform you of your two options moving forward.

I personally, and Vertisan Inc, do appreciate your purchase of Vertisan Coin and your support during the last 20 months. That being said, Vertisan Coin did not gain traction or follow the path that I intended. I created the Vertisan Coin as a vessel to hold and preserve value. My expectations were that Vertisan Coin would be accepted and listed on major exchanges for trading. Unfortunately, the exchange sites wanted exorbitant fees to list the coin, approaching $1M on some exchange sites. That was unrealistic and untenable.


Vertisan Coin was originally named “Nebula Coin” because it was a retail product individuals could purchase to then use within the Nebula Social Network. It’s the same as purchasing “coins” within a video game to then use for upgrades or item purchases within the game.

The Nebula Coin was simply renamed to Vertisan Coin in May 2021 to allow for even broader use and adoption than only within Nebula.

Everything I have created in the past 35+ years has been with the most honorable of intentions. As such, I didn’t want customers to purchase Vertisan Coin and then be stuck with them, or some balance of them, in the future. So, I sought to take it further than what a video game does and facilitate the ability to sell and trade Vertisan Coins through existing crypto exchange websites.

As previously stated, the exchange websites acted more like a syndicated racket than any type of fair platform for peer-to-peer trading. We did stand up the Vertisan Exchange as a non-profit medium for individuals to initiate peer-to-peer exchanges of Vertisan Coin, but that didn’t go over too well. I think the concept of true peer-to-peer exchanges without a middleman taking fees and obfuscating the process was a little too abstract for the general public to grasp at this time. Hopefully that fair and honorable method of trading will be more clearly understood in the near future.


There has been some confusion from customers, so I would like to quickly clarify. Vertisan Coin is a retail product, not an investment instrument. It was always clearly documented on the website and other materials from the start that the Vertisan Coin is a retail product.

Yes, people purchased the Vertisan Coin with the expectation that its value would increase and they could possibly sell it for more than they paid in the future. That scenario is the same as if someone waits in line to purchase a new iPhone, then promptly puts it on Ebay and sells it for a profit. The iPhone is a retail product, not an investment. Simply because a person has a hope or expectation of selling something for a profit does not classify it as an investment by default.

Furthering that point, Vertisan Coin has a return policy. Investments do not have return policies; retail products do. The return policy for Vertisan Coin is clearly documented on the website and a link appears in the footer of every page. To quickly paraphrase the return policy, Vertisan Coin can be returned for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

Regardless if something is a product or investment, there is no guarantee that the value of that item will increase. Prices fluctuate on any, and all, products based upon customer demand.


What originally started in May 2021 as Vertisan Coin, powered by Fractal, has grown into something extraordinary that is quite literally changing the world and reshaping finance. The entire Vertisan DeFi ecosystem now includes Fractal (the engine that powers the tech), Cryptocase, Payment Network, Vertisan Card, tokenized equity stocks, Fractal Markets, CBDC, digital currency, and a global monetary system.

Because of the amazing growth of the entire Vertisan DeFi ecosystem, work on the Nebula social network has been paused until the beginning of 2024. Nebula will be incredible and better than ever, but that will need to wait while the DeFi ecosystem continues its incredible adoption.


Sadly, it’s a logical step to issue an end of life on the existing Vertisan Coin at this time. Nebula is on pause and the exchange websites were unreasonable… so asking existing customers of Vertisan Coin to hold on for another year to be able to effectively use their products is unreasonable.

Effective immediately, Vertisan Coin is officially retired and marked as "end of life".


The name “Vertisan Coin” is going to be reused for something entirely new. The new instrument bearing the name Vertisan Coin will be tokenized equity representing ownership of the company Vertisan DeFi, Inc. Effectively that means Vertisan Coins will represent legal stock ownership in the company Vertisan DeFi, Inc; owning the new Vertisan Coin means owning part of Vertisan DeFi, Inc. It’s similar to owning shares of Apple, Google, or other companies that allow trading of their stock.


If you currently own Vertisan Coins that you purchased, we need you to choose one of the following two options moving forward:

1. Vertisan Inc can provide you with a full refund of your original purchase price of Vertisan Coins.

2. Your original purchase price for Vertisan Coins can be applied to purchase tokenized equity of Vertisan DeFi, Inc at the price of $5 per share/token.

If you choose to receive a refund, then that will happen in three steps. The first step is that you will receive a binding promissory note that clearly documents that Vertisan Inc is promising to pay you the amount you purchased originally. Second, you must provide ACH or Zelle bank information to receive your refund, plus written acceptance of the agreement. Third, you will receive ACH or Zelle payment to your bank account as soon as Vertisan Inc is able to do so. There will not be any refunds sent by PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or any other third-party products; only bank-to-bank transactions are allowed to ensure compliance.

If you choose to receive the new Vertisan Tokenized Equity ownership of Vertisan DeFi, Inc, then you will receive a shareholder’s agreement, tokenized equity certificate cards, and all compliance documentation certifying your legal ownership of shares of Vertisan DeFi, Inc.

Vertisan DeFi, Inc is a Wyoming based US corporation with 100,000,000 shares. There is a total of 100M tokenized equity units; one token for each share of stock. The total supply is immutable, which means that the supply of 100M will never change or be diluted. The current price is $8 per share, but you are being offered to receive those shares at $5 per share.

Buying and selling of tokenized equity shares for any Fractal-based equity tokens will happen in the Fractal Markets trading platform, which goes online Q2 2023.


Prior to March 31, 2023, please email with your choice of either a refund or tokenized equity of Vertisan DeFi, Inc.

If we haven’t received an email from you electing one of the two choices by March 31, then we will default to using our best judgment regarding which of the two options you are given.

Thank you again for your continued support.